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Kitchen cabinetry can take up over 30% of the average kitchen renovation budget.
If you want to keep expenses down, consider alternative options such as acrylic kitchen cabinets, which typically cost much less than wood.

acrylic is a synthetic material placed on particleboard, which is made of compressed wood.
It comes in high-pressure and low-pressure varieties. High-pressure acrylic is the higher quality of the two and is sold under brand names such as Formica and Pionite. acrylic doors are made by applying the synthetic material on top of particleboard or MDF.

Because of the way acrylic doors are made, the seams of the underlying particle board (which is brown) may show, which is often considered a drawback to using acrylic. Low-pressure acrylic, such melamine, is used on the less-expensive kitchen cabinets and is not as durable as the high-pressure variety. It also comes in fewer colors, so it is less appealing among homeowners looking for a wide variety of color options.
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Acrylic Modular kitchen

Welcome to Shreeji interior

Shreeji interiors is promoted by Mr. Piyush Panchal, enterprising businessman based at vadodara. Realizing the need to save the depleting natural resources viz. wood and saving forests, new challenging concept of 'Shreeji' the best environment friendly alternative was introduced in 1999 in Vadodara market... Read More